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.......I'm just a handyman that want's to help repair AMERICA


I’m just a handyman that wants to help repair AMERICA by uniting & igniting 90+ million voters putting Donald J. Trump back into the White House by a Landslide Win in 2024!!!

President Trump must finish what he started to Save & Secure America's Future.


“ThreeTermTrump”  -  Wear it, Share it & Shout it Out!!!! .....

This cry will energize President Trump’s Voters with the greatest campaign is history knowing he is the only man that can get this job done for AMERICA!


There isn’t anyone but President Trump who can fortify AMERICA'S future and take the relentless & brutal attacks from those that want to destroy him and AMERICA.


AMERICA is under assault from every angle both domestic and forgein attackers. Our basic rights, freedoms and core values are being manipulated and systematically unraveled trying to throw us into the rest of the global wash.


President Trump is FOR AMERICA and against the Socialist agenda supported by so many elected officials.


● Destroy President Trump, The Only Person Standing in their Way & AMERICA with Him

● Frighten, Control & Intimidate the American Citizen.

● Divide and Conquer.
● Establish unbridled collusion with powerful corporations, media networks,   from foreign countries, while selling out AMERICA for their own personal gain and a global agenda.
● Severely limit freedom of speech.
● Raise taxes & add 87,000 IRS agents
● Rage against Our 2nd Amendment.
● Create gender politics.
● Alter Family values with Anti-Mother & Father narratives.
● Manipulate school Children's education with twisted teachings.
● Rage against Our 2nd Amendment.
● Create energy shortages causing record inflation.
● Keep our borders opened.
● Have a two (2) tier justice system.
● Out of control spending.
● Buy voters & make policies to influence them.
● Food Shortages Next
● ………..just to mention 16


I believe this is our last chance to repair America.

THREE TERM TRUMP,  Wear it, Share it and Shout it OUT !!! 



 . . . . ...the handyman