About U.S.

About the U.S. is about YOU, the future of your Freedom, and the true power of your voice.

Our united voices were matched by 62,984,825 votes winning Donald Trump the 2016 Presidency but more importantly giving America, what we all believed was our last chance to positively change the course of our Country, maintain our freedom and rebuild our great country.

……………and President Trump is getting the job done despite incredible powers that viciously attack him, those around him and his supporters every second of the day.  They want to destroy him and with that, turn America into something unrecognizable.  

We can’t take anything for granted.
It’s truly scary that millions of Americans are blinded with hatred for President Trump.
Their blindness is a tool being used against them distracting their ability to see what is truly at stake. THEIR OWN FREEDOMS.

Why Three Term Trump?

ThreeTermTrump will:
Fortify the 2020, 2022, 2024 & beyond elections and support President Trump.
Excite President Trumps’ base for 2020 & beyond.
Bring great attention with a new “shout out” that will dominate both sides of the media.
Sustain the position & strengthen of the GOP’s momentum beyond 2024.
Focus more attention to the future of our GREAT COUNTRY.
Carve out a path Preserving President Trumps’ Great Work and Legacy.

10% of our profits will be given to this cause.