I'm just a guy preparing for and thinking beyond President Trump's 2024 Re-election

Posted by Just A Guy on Jul 22nd 2022

I'm just a handyman improving people's lives and securing homes one job at a time and living in a great country that needs help with an inspiring and exciting idea that came to me in 2015.


My idea came to me back in 2015 by seeing the state of our affairs that unfortunately that continues today.

Our future is being framed by many into a social picture that is scary and unrecognizable to me.

We are intentionally being divided by controls set in place by part of our government their enablers, technology and wide spread censorship.

The dismantling of our society is from those that are trying to break down basic family values for their own twisted gain. Our citizens who oppose these aggressions against these core values are now publicized as the enemy, labeled raciest and even domestic terrorists . WTF?

I feel like I'm stuck in the Twilight Zone and insanity is trying to prevail.

What are our options to change this bizarre course we are heading?

It's unimaginable that half our government is obsessed in taking down President Trump at any expense that includes destroying our country for their own rise and ideology. What bends my head is the blind support provided by so many citizens.

Could you imagine what President Trump could accomplish in his 1st term without this war waged against him, his Family and associations? How much greater would our country be? How much better would our Families be?

Here's what's completely insane ..... the far radical left and the groups supporting them want to turn us into a land of oppressed people filling our brains with dopamine with "likes" and screens. Our innocient youth are under attack at all fronts. They are our future and most vulnerable to this ideology and media propaganda.

I am asking you to join me today to spread the word in creating an unprecedented and historical grassroots campaign that will begin with you, your VOTE for MAGA. With your support, I will unite, excite and ignite 90+ million Americas in keeping America America.

The ThreeTermTrump cry will:
- Excite and motivate Trump supporters safeguarding his 2024 re-election with a historic 90+ million votes.
- Ignite a new perception that will dominate both sides of the media.
- Extend President Trump's incredible energy beyond his second term with his legacy for our future.
- ….. and Yes, we will sell this message in a positive and fun way spreading the word and energy for our future.

Sadly, we fell asleep during the 2018 mid-terms and more unfortunately the 2020 Presidential election. We were too comfortable with the incredible work, momentum and strength of President Trump and assumed too much.

We can't let that happen again!

Please............ :
- Send a link of this website to everyone you know.
- "Like Us" on Facebook.
- Buy a ThreeTermTrump Yard Sign & put it out.
- Select and buy tee-shirts and caps spreading the word.
- Engage and prepare yourself for our Country.
- Pray.

Comments, questions or ideas? email us. ThreeTermTrump@gmail.com

Bless you and G*D Bless America